Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life in General . . .

  1. is unexpected, random, unplanned.  I try to live day-to-day because every day brings its own challenges I need to handle.  Every day has its ups and downs, from an inside joke brought up at breakfast to a bad test grade in the afternoon.  The future will take care of itself until I get there.
  2. is crazy, frustrating, confusing.  People give mixed messages about what they're feeling.  I'm never really sure where I stand with certain people.  I think we're on good terms, and then something happens and they seem mad.  In a single day, one must make many decisions from what to eat for breakfast to what kind of studying should be done.  Even though I try not to worry too much about the future, I still worry about career options, classes I need to take next semseter, the money I need to pay for said classes.
  3. is a whole lot more pleasant when you have your knitting.  I haven't had much time to knit lately, or blog, or write, or anything other than homework, really . . . I'm looking forward to having time to pursue my hobbies over the Christmas break.
  4. is much better with good friends.  I don't know where I'd be without my friends.  We've had some rough days this semester, but we always pull through in one way or another.  They get me through the stressful times and know how to get a smile on my face when I feel like I want to cry.
  5. can be lived long and happily without psycho professors.  I think everyone I know has had one in one class or another.  All they do is make life more difficult in the long run.  But hey, passing their class means that you can get through anything, right?
  6. could use more socks without holes in them.  No, seriously.  For the last month, I can't seem to put on a pair of socks without a toe poking out or my heel, or feeling the floor through the bottom . . . The world is a much better place when your socks are whole and hole-less.
  7. is very fun during Christmas-time, in spite of finals.  The cheerful music, the festive atmosphere at the mall, the bright decorations.  I couldn't imagine a world without Christmas, even in it's sickeningly-commercialized state.  But I love making/getting presents for my friends.  I like making people happy. 
  8. is good.  I've survived my finals with one left to go.  The semester's officially over tomorrow, for me anyway.  I successfully made it through my first semester of college, I've made awesome friends, and I've discovered that I can (for the most part) make it on my own.

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