Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Of Following Dreams and Friendship

It's interesting how things can change.  I just finished reading The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs.  I borrowed it from my sister, who got it from a garage sale for $0.50.  She started reading it, but stopped because she didn't like it.  I started reading it yesterday because I was bored and wanted to read something.  And, as I finished the book a little while ago, I realized that my sister and I are in two different stages.  Before, and during, high school, I was obsessed with fantasy stories.  I was able to slip into that Renaissance Fair-type persona.  I mean, I was never as obsessed with fairy tales as my sister is, but I did enjoy them.  Now, I feel like I appreciate stories taking place in real-life places more.  Like Friday Night Knitting Club.  It's the story of a single mom who successfully starts her own business and gains a motley band of friends in the process.  The way the women stuck together in the novel makes me think of the friends that I have.  Everyone comes from a different background, but we've all come together to support each other in rough times.  I've encountered so many different personalities, attitudes, beliefs.  Stuff's happened.  Friends have been gained and lost, and that's alright.  I've had the opportunity to reconnect with high school friends after being separated for a school year.

There are plenty of things I didn't like about The Friday Night Knitting Club, but I feel like it clearly speaks about how life is what you make of it.  The choice is yours.  Either you can sit at home or in that job you hate wishing you followed that dream, or you can go out and make it happen.  It won't be easy, but I've heard that it's worth it.

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