Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Attention Span

You know, it's amazing how short my attention span can be sometimes.  For the last couple of weeks, I was focused on my knitting.  Yarn, needles, and projects were constantly on my mind.  I spent hours browsing the Ravelry pattern index for that pattern.  The one I had been dreaming of for that random ball of yarn that has been lounging in my stash.

Now, however, it's changed.  I've been spending the last week reading and reviewing stories and poetry on a forum that I joined last weekend.  I've spent that time I was spending thinking about knitting and have applied it to thinking about, and actually doing, some writing.  I finished a short story that I started on a while ago.  I've written random pieces as I was sitting there watching my dad and my brother having a catch in the backyard.  I wrote about move-in day last year in response to a story I read on the forum I joined.

I just need to figure out how to join the two of these things.  Rather than focusing all of my time on either writing or knitting, I should spend time with both during the day.  Maybe it would keep me more focused on each of them for a longer period of time.  But then again, I may need these spurts of obsession.  As much as I don't like big changes happening in my life, I need to keep mixing things up.  Maybe that's why I've been enjoying college so much . . . there's so much to do and so many interesting people to be around.

Speaking of college, I'm once again sitting at a residence hall desk as I type this.  I came back on Sunday to help out with a program for incoming freshmen.  I must say that it's good to be back, but it's weird seeing the campus so quiet.  It's rarely this quiet on campus and in the dorms.

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