Sunday, September 12, 2010

Midnight Inspiration

I love how, as soon as I start getting ready for bed, I start getting ideas for knitting projects.  Sadly, I haven't had that much time to knit lately . . . Well, to be honest, I haven't had that much time for anything lately (confounded homework!).  I've worked a few more rounds of my sock.  I'm still trudging my way through the first row of the lace pattern of the body of my sweater.  However, as I was thinking about the poster I'm putting together for English Club, I started thinking about the pair of fingerless gloves that I've been wanting to make.  Now, I have a pattern that I want to use (this one from Knitty).  I think I've been putting it off because I want to modify the pattern somehow, but I wasn't sure how.  However, I've been struck by inspiration, and I think I have a semblance of a plan . . . Now I just have to wait until the sock is finished so I can use the needles . . .

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