Thursday, August 20, 2009


Finally, for the first time in a while, I feel productive. First, I went out to breakfast with the youth minister from my church and a friend who also just graduated. Then, I went to the bank and cashed the last two paychecks I got. I haven't actually done any packing today, but I did order my textbooks online. This means that they'll be waiting for me in the student center for me when I get there next week. I also looked said textbooks up on Amazon and Alibris and decided that I might as well get them directly from the school (partly because none of the books were on Amazon orAlibris, but that's a minor detail). I've decided that college makes you harbor random objects that really don't belong in a bedroom. Other than the obvious books, yarn, bed, pillows--I've got dish soap on my desk and tons of crates full of stuff in front of my dresser (in a way that it's a pain to get clothes in and out of the dresser) and a second bed set (bedspread, sheets, etc.) and a laundry basket. Weird.
Anyhoo, yesterday, I started making Knitty's Shetland Shorty with my Knit Picks Imagination yarn:

Here's the yarn hanging out with the pattern on my laptop as I wound it into a ball. I've decided that a swift would be nice. Really nice. My knees will do in a pinch, and I'm sure borrowing somebody's hands would be great, but a swift would make life so much easier. I've always been stuck using my knees. Despite the fact that I have five younger siblings and two parents, none of them would ever be willing to hold my yarn for me while I wind it into a ball.
Anyway, I digress. I've gotten almost past the ties. Here I was thinking that the 300-stitch long garter-stitch ties would take me weeks. But watching Pride and Prejudice with my sister last night helped a lot. I know the storyline really well (I've read the book twice--first on my own, then in eleventh grade English), so it was easy to knit along with the movie. Maybe I'll talk everyone into watching another movie tonight . . . the perfect way to get lots of knitting done. I never knew 2700 stitches of garter stitch could go so fast. But I better not rejoice too loudly lest someone get jealous and let the rest of the wrap go painfully slow.Let's hope that doesn't happen. :)

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