Monday, October 26, 2009

Things I Learned from 2D Design:

  1. If something's "phallic" and/or "penetrating," it's probably neither of the two
  2. If it's "masculine," it's definitely perfume
  3. We may be college students, but it doesn't mean we act like it
  4. Everything can be described by the terms "magical" and "nostaligic"
  5. The 2D Design classroom definitely has the worst chairs in the building--you either fall off or they sink down a foot when you sit down
  6. You definitely can--and will--leave the only supply you need for the project you'll be working on for two and a half hours in your room.  And you'll spend those two and a half hours doing absolutely nothing.
  7. Smelling Sharpe's for an extended period of time is BAD
  8. Bringing your knitting to class is a good idea--it's still creative and it's fun
I sat down with the intention of trying to sum up what it's truly like to be in my 2D Design class right now.  I've probably missed a lot (it's not my fault I have a bad memory . . .) but this is pretty much what's been happening in that class lately.  Umm . . . hiking is fun . . . I went on an impromptu hiking trip on Sunday and it was amazing.  Seeing the guys in the car in front of us was funny and seeing a six foot, seven inch guy squeezing into the back seat of a Toyota Corolla--priceless.  The place where we went hiking was beautiful.  It was a little muddy, but not as bad as I thought it would be considering it rained all of Saturday.  Watching Lion King 1 and 2 all afternoon on Saturday was pretty fun, too.  Now on to the dreariness of a wellness paper.  Adios, all.

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  1. Smelling sharpies is only bad if you accidently, in your enthusiasm, somehow manage to get them stuck up your nose.

    .....Just sayin'.